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This site provides summary data relating to CPUT's student enrolments, student success, and staff profile.

Hover with your cursor over a bar or segment of a graph to see the value (number or percentage) that it represents.

The figures for 2019 and the previous years provided are audited and final.

If you have any queries relating to the data, please contact the Department of Institutional Planning on 021 959 6263.


APP SCI: Faculty of Applied Sciences
BUS: Faculty of Business & Management Sciences
EDU: Faculty of Education
ENG: Faculty of Engineering
FID: Faculty of Informatics & Design
HEALTH: Faculty of Health & Wellness Sciences

Other Abbreviations:
UG:                 Under-graduate
PG:                 Post-graduate
Bus/Man:        Business, Management
Other Hum:     Other Humanities
SET:                Science, Engineering, Technology
FTE:                Full-Time Equivalent

Please contact CPUT's Department of Institutional Planning if you require more information regarding the University, on 021 959 6263.

More detailed data, on CPUT and other South African Universities, can be accessed through the following websites:

Both of these sites reflect the official data of the Universities, as submitted to the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET) under HEMIS, the Higher Education Management Information System.

Other ​Links

  • South Africa Department of Higher Education and Training: dhet.gov.za
  • Cape Higher Education Consortium (CHEC): chec.ac.za